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One of the co-founders is a friend of mine since we were in school. The service is superb. I cannot recommend it more than I actually do. I want to warn you something: do not make the same mistake I made back in 2013 when I turned down my friend’s proposal. A year from now, you will wish to have started today.

Investor since November 2016


You will finally become financially free in the moment your passive income exceeds your expenses. I have made a lot of money by investing in different companies and real estate, but I can’t name one business which would be easier to work with and get the expected profit than the one Diego and Shoji has.

Investor since December 2015


I and my company are two early investors. It’s really amazing how much we have accomplished in this short time, since 2013. It’s hard to believe that there are better executives and managers out there. Lucky to believe in their vision. This is the second best investment I have made. The first one was, of course,

Investor since August 2013



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