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Known for providing unmatchable BTC GROW MINE service, this company started its journey back in 2013 in Switzerland. Since then, the company has been successful in travelling a long distance and today, along with another branch in Hong Kong, the company boasts of having 2 fully operating TRADING farms near the Chinese city of Zigui. Another farm is expected to start functioning in full flow from June 2017. This company has been successful in making itself a force to reckon with in this field of business and the fact that this company has raised USD 3,750,000 is in itself a testimony of the success story of the company. Here are some reasons why this company is a leader in this field:

Price And Pay Out – The growth of this company can be seen as a direct result of its policy to offer attractive prices. Moreover, the company also makes daily pay outs which smoothens its process of operation.

Choice Of TRADING Pools – This company believes in serving the investors with an array of TRADING pools. Depending upon their choice and preference, the investors are free to select their TRADING pools.

To add to that, this company puts to use hashpower markets between investors. An investor will have the power to transfer hashpower at any point of time.

Unmatchable Support – In case an investor faces any kind of problem, a dedicated team is ready to get in touch with the investor within the time span of 2-12 hours. Furthermore, this company provides real time updates too.

Easy Working Procedure – The company has kept its working procedure free of technical hardships. The software that is to be used is extremely user friendly.

Minimal Operational Cost – The cost of operation in China is very low. The reason behind this is electricity is cheap here and maintenance cost is also less. For a company that is large in structure, BTC GROW MINE can prove to be an extremely profitable. This can be the best choice if one is looking for getting top class BTC GROW MINE service.

Brief History of the Company

 2012 – The founders meet for first time in Switzerland, both with a common business goal. Bitcoin price: USD 9

 2013 – They agree to partner up. Bitcoin price: USD 13

 2013 – Founders buys the first ASIC miners.

 2013 – Excitement reached new heights when founders received its first miners batch.

 2013 – The TRADING operations started. Bitcoin price: USD 110

 2014 – Founders received their return of investment and miners began to make significant profits.

 2015 - They start the company in Switzerland, with paid capital of EUR 100,000, being equal partners. Bitcoin price: USD 235

 2015 – The company opens its first office in Zurich, Switzerland.

 2015 – Money raising began, aiming to company growth. Results were simply remarkable, receiving unexpected support from investors.

 2015-8 – The company began exploring its options to expand business operations to China, which was a scary yet exciting phase.

 2015-12 – Founders decided to open a new office in Hong Kong.

 2015-12 – The perfect place in China was found to install a cutting-edge, unparalleled TRADING farm.

 2015-12 – In the city of Zigui, China, the first TRADING farm opened and started operating.

 2016-01 – The first 3 batches of miners were received in the China-based farm. Bitcoin price: USD 430

 2016-01 – Full-power TRADING operations started in China.

 2016-02-01 – The Split Seconds LTD was registered.

 2016-02 – The main office was moved to Hong Kong. This is still considered as the second best business decision the company has ever take.

 2016-03 – A second TRADING farm was installed in China. If you are wondering about the best business decisions the company has ever take, it was opening this second TRADING farm in Zigui city - near to the Three Gorges hydroelectric dam.

 2016-04 – The company received the official government delegation of Hubei Province, providing the whole organization a great honor.

 2016-04 – The second TRADING farm started its full-power operations.

 2016-12 – Bitcoin price: USD 950

 2017-01 – TRADING services became available for anyone in the world, with no territorial limitations.

 2017-01 – A third China-based TRADING farm was installed.

About the founders

Know Diego

Diego is a finance engineer from Italy. He studied at USI Università della Svizzera Italiana, located in Lugano, Switzerland. After graduating from college, Diego started his career in the banking sector.

After a few successful years in this industry, Diego meet with Shoji in 2012, who later became the co-founder of the company.

Diego was born in São Paulo, Brazil. His family moved to Italy, then Switzerland when he was only 10 years-old. His mother is Brazilian and his father, an Italian professional soccer player.

Last year, Diego dedicated exclusively to his business’ grow and development. His team is located in Zurich, Switzerland, and works mainly with investors from Europe and South America.

Know Shoji

Shoji is a highly talented technical engineer from Japan. In his early professional years, he worked for big multinational companies like Samsung and Sony in Japan. He moved to Europe in the early 2000s while supporting his wife’s dream to become a fashion designer.

Then, Shoji worked as a contractor for many of the largest banks in Europe, including Swift.

Shoji comes from a relatively large family of 5. He was born in Nagano, Japan. His passion for technology was unleashed in his early years. Since 6th grade, he was first in class every year, including his master studies in college.

He is now working in the main office located in Hong Kong.

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