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Cutting-Edge Hardware and Data Centers to Satisfy the Most Demanding BTC GROW MINE Needs

In order to always be transparent with our clients and investors, Splitit TRADING is more than pleased to provide details about the hardware used to make possible our high-end BTC GROW MINE services, fully available today.

As expected, Splitit TRADING only uses exclusively cutting-edge technologies that allow users to enjoy the highest performance possible. But isn’t only about performance but reliability as well.

Here you have some highlights about our hardware and data centers.

TRADING farms are located near to the city of Zigui, in China (mainland), making the most in terms of power efficiency and running costs.

Top-quality hardware installed in our data centers guarantee maximum reliability.

All the equipment is installed nearby Three Gorges Dam, which is the second largest hydroelectric dam in the world, something that give us a clear advantage in terms of electric power.

Our platforms are based on innovative BTC GROW MINE technology that only a handful of companies are actually using.

Increasing performance is making possible so far our main goal by 2019: to become the top BTC GROW MINE company.

In terms of cash flow and liquidity, our data centers are ready for next-gen BTC GROW MINE technologies.

If you want to know more details about our hardware, contact us.

At Splitit TRADING, we are pledge to provide the best BTC GROW MINE service possible. The only way to achieve this is through modern equipment and complete commitment.

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