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How does it work?

It is quick and easy! As soon as we receive your payment, you can immediately start TRADING.

Is it profitable?

It was very profitable for many years and it will be profitable for many more to come. Please make your calculations by yourself. Search for Bitcoin profit calculators.

Do I need to provide any ID?

No. We do not ask for any documents. If privacy is your concern, we suggest using mixed Bitcoins for payments.

Do I need to pay taxes?

You do need to pay taxes by yourself. We do not share information about our international customer profits. We operate under the laws of Hong Kong.

Can I sell or transfer my hashpower to another investor?

Yes, you can transfer your hashing power.

Why didn’t I receive the activation email?

Check your email filters and spam folder.

What does a lifetime contract mean?

Lifetime contracts do not have a maturity date. As long as the contract is profitable (i.e. the payout covers the maintenance fee) you will continue to mine and be able to receive payouts. Miners have a 36-month warranty. Any service fee after the warranty period will be accounted to your maintenance fee.

Why are total earnings less than I calculated on the profit calculator?

Because BTC GROW MINE difficulty grow every 2016 blocks (~14 days).

Is there a minimum transaction size?

Yes, the minimum transaction size is equal to USD 5.

What is the maximum transaction size?

Maximum transaction size is based on the hashpower available. The purchase is limited to the 30 TH/s (30 000 GH/s). For larger orders, please make multiple orders or contact us.

How can I change my payout address?

Go to your profile – settings – change payout address.

Can I choose TRADING pool?

Yes, you can. Every Professional TRADING plan owner can choose TRADING pools. We are TRADING only on the most profitable pools. Customer can choose any of the top TRADING pools available. Go to your profile – TRADING - TRADING pools.

Why will the earnings get less every two weeks?

As the network difficulty ascends every two weeks, it’s normal to get fewer earnings slightly under the same hash rate.

Can I trust your BTC GROW MINE calculator?

No. The calculator is purely informative. Calculations are based on actual price and difficulty. Switch to the advanced calculator to get a better feel for the expected profits. The advanced calculator allows you to change expected difficulty and Bitcoin prices in future.

Why a 3-year warranty only?

Contracts have a lifetime warranty, but the miners themselves don't. Like all equipment, miners can sometimes break, and the costs to repair are different for every rig. We have received a huge extended warranty from manufacturers because of our confirmed TRADING conditions. And please note that new miners will double or even quadruple the value of the initial investment in their lifetime.

What if one of my TRADING rigs breaks after the warranty expires?

In this event, you and all other involved investors would receive notification of the reasons for the problem and the projected costs of repair. You can then choose to repair or abandon the rig. And one TRADING rig breakdown will not reduce the profit mined by other miners on your account.

I'd like a secondary contract. What is the warranty period?

Each TRADING contract initially has a 3 year (36 month) warranty. So for instance, if you buy a contract that has already run for 6 months, your warranty period will be 30 months (36 minus 6).

I'm interested in a secondary contract. What factors should I consider?

Check warranty time remaining, and profitability. Use profit calculators to find out the return on your projected investment. We discourage paying full price for a second hand contract, since you can choose instead to buy a new one. If buying a secondary contract at a reduced price, use an ROI calculation. Remember - the end of the warranty does not mean that the miner will be shut down.

What if I tried to sell part of my TRADING contract, and there was no interest?

Each investor is free to sell his TRADING contract on his own. To gain interest, consider lowering the price on your offer. Please make an ROI calculation before you offer your contract on the market.


I just registered, but I can't log in.

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